18 December 2019: Holiday Greetings!

“Could you give a more acceptable gift than a GOOD photograph?”
—Edward Weston Holiday Advertisement, 1910[1]

Edward Weston. [Advertising Postcard] “The Xmas Problem,” about 1911.
© Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona

Seasons Greetings, One and All. In this holiday themed post we thought it would be diverting to present a selection of Weston related advertisements and promotional materials that span his career from 1910 to 1954. All were designed to evoke the holiday spirit and entice a discerning public to favor Weston with their patronage.

Perhaps the most delightful example is a photographic postcard Weston produced for his Tropico studio in about 1911 (see image, above). Illustrated with a portrait of his one-and-a-half year old son Chandler frolicking in a staged winter scene, complete with overprinted snow (Conger 14/1911), this postcard boasts: “A portrait by Weston has character, individuality and artistic taste. My aim is to have every patron say, ‘That is the best likeness I ever had.’”[2]

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